LogonLoop’s performance engineering team has the in-depth expertise to provide cutting-edge services. The end-to-end performance testing solution provided by LogonLoop ensures application to be responsive and scalable. LogonLoop’s performance testing includes performance engineering, baseline test, load test, stress test, product monitoring, and consulting.

Performance Testing Methodology

LogonLoop’s performance testing team understands the businesses that are critical, geographical distribution, completion rate, etc. to provide realistic loads and reports for the client to understand and implement at their end.

LogonLoop’s team follows agile performance testing methodology, which has the following benefits.

  • Early bottleneck detection
  • Reduced cost and time-to-market
  • Reduced infrastructure cost

Performance Testing Tools and Components

We make use of the licensed and open source tools to carry out performance testing. The selection of tools totally depends upon the client’s requirement. This allows us to select tools that follow industry standards and proves to be cost-effective as well.

Performance testing components include the following.

  • Load testing: It checks the ability to perform
  • Stress testing: It enhances the performance
  • Soak testing: It verifies the system behaviour
  • Volume testing: It boosts performance beyond the specifications.
  • Tools customization and evaluation
  • Performance monitoring

LogonLoop Advantage

LogonLoop maintains a dedicated team for performance testing. Some of the key feature and benefits of LogonLoop’s Performance Testing Framework include:

  • Reduced cost because of the pay-as-you-go model
  • On-demand performance testing services
  • Association with leading tool vendors
  • Statistical analysis and recommendations